Riches of God's Grace in the New Covenant, Second Edition
<span style="font-size: 14pt; color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">Riches of God's Grace in the New Covenant, Second Edition</span>

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This hard-bound book contains a Scripture study of the new covenant between God and the house of Israel, which was established by Jesus Christ's accomplishments.

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By Walter J. Cummins
Scripture Consulting
  • This second edition contains fifteen chapters and two appendixes:

    Covenants in the Scriptures
    The Keeping of Covenants
    The Promise of a New Covenant
    The Making of the New Covenant
    In the Inward Parts and Hearts
    The House of Israel
    The Gentiles
    The Church of God
    New Things in Christ
    More New Things in Christ
    Dealing with Old Things That Have Not Yet Passed Away
    The Renewing of the Mind
    Putting on the New Man
    A Memorial of the New Covenant
    Summation and Perspective

    Writings of the New Covenant
    Chronological Considerations in the New Covenant Writings.